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I'm not Hospice.

Doula Certification 2018
New York, New York

A Doula is a non-medical person who provides support. A Doula provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Most common is a birth Doula but I provide end-of-life Doula care. End of life doulas have many roles. We can help with planning before someone has a life-threatening or terminal diagnosis. We can help with options and information when going through treatments and explain the pros and cons. We can go with the client and family to doctor appointments and because we don’t have that emotional attachment we can help the family and client understand what the doctor is saying and we can do it in the quiet environment after the appointments in their home. Doulas also provide support while the client is dying. We can educate the client and the family on the different stages of death and there’s never one that is exactly like another but when you’ve seen death multiple times you start to see the signs and can help the family understand the changes happening to their loved one.

A Doula can provide so much support, I want to help before you’re overwhelmed with a life limiting illness or a terminal diagnosis or even a sudden illness. I want to provide that support for my clients and their families and be able to help them have the best quality of life that they can have until death.

Aging and illness can be so overwhelming. Advance care options is here to help you as you age and navigate that journey through life.

At advanced care options we work with hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living, independent living, and wherever you the client lives. We don’t replace any of the above, we work with them to provide you the client with the best quality of life.

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