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Clean Slate

We all know Wednesday has been know as hump day. Throughout my life I have always looked forward to hump day because I knew that the weekend was within sight. Sadly, I lived for the weekends. However, today I live for each day. Do you live for each day or do you live for the weekend?

Through some trials and tribulations over the course of last year and the start of this year, I have gleamed some new insight. With self refocusing I have been taught to live for each day. Not everyday is sunshine and roses. Some days are a struggle, but I do live for each day. I daily thank God for a new day, a new beginning with a clean slate because God has granted me that new clean slate. Today start with a clean slate, and follow with each day alike... just take a moment each morning and imagine your shiny clean slate fresh out of the wash. Life is unpredictable, ever changing, and evolving. Breath and bring joy and love wherever you go.


I challenge you to embrace each day.

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